gucci waist/belt bags

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    what do you think? would you use a gucci belt bag? I love it but worry that it's a fashion faux pas. please tell me what you think!
  2. I have one all in black and it's really wonderful! I think even SJP on Sex in the City wore one in one episode if I remember correctly. It's pretty great for carrying just the essentials....Take a look at the black one...I think it's a little more chic.
  3. i have that same one, except the straps are blue and orange. =) personally, i love it - dont care whether or not it's a fashion faux pas. :smile: i use it when i go shopping or clubbing - it's great to have my hands free. if you're not too set on a specific color, you should try the outlets! i got mine on sale. =) hth!
  4. I have the one in black as well. I use it on vacations all the time. It keeps all ur personal stuff close by and in front of u. This way u can't get robbed. I usually put the straps thru my belt loops so that if any one tries it won't fall easily. My boyfriend will always carry it across his body for me. I think it's great!!
  5. I have one of these and bought it after seeing SJP wearing it! Although I got it on e-bay and quite honestly don't even know if it's real or not, I use it in the summer going to fairs and things like that where (a) I don't want to shlep around a purse) and (b) it's generally dirty and hot; it works GREAT! I can't say I would wear it normally in place of a purse but it holds just enough and is flat and comfy - much better looking than the older fanny packs IMO!
  6. Did you get it in black also? Sounds like it's the more preferred one.. I do like the color that I posted.. What do you all think of the color?
  7. where's my post? WEIRD!

    I bought one recently for our trip to Disney.
    I chose the traditional Gucci logo, the black was a little too masculine to me personally.
    If you need a "fanny pack", may as well be a swanky one, right!?
    Here's mine:
    DSCN5083edit.jpg DSCN5084edit.jpg
  8. Yes! Get a nice one LOL!! Yes, mine is all black...
  9. oh that's so nice! I like yours too! although black is very functional and does match everything and anything, it is a bit too plain for my taste. Does anyone know if bags would go on sale during the annual Gucci's sale (i heard it's in June??)?? Thanks
  10. This probably isn't the case in most places, but from where I live, the girls that wear the gucci waist packs are also the ones that wear top to bottom tna tracksuits (aka spandex!), and all have dyed blond hair even tho they're asian.

    LOL I can't help but think of those girls whenever I see one.
  11. yeeeeeah. . .NO! That's NOT me! LOL! Or any of the other gals I know here that have them!:lol:
  12. i have the one in the color that essential posted above. i love it! it is great b/c i need to be hands-free most of the time for my babies. and i got it on sale from the gucci store too!
  13. OH cool! May i ask how much it was on sale for? i'm looking forward tot he june sale
  14. i just opened a new thread on the exact same topic lol yeah im a guy and im unsure i prefer the classic GG with the red and green waistband do you guys know if it will be on sale in Australia anytime?
  15. when i got mine on sale it was about $330. :biggrin: if you have any gucci outlets near you you should check it out - they had a bunch when i was there last.