Gucci Waist bag..?

  1. I am not sure which waist bag I like. I know they are pratically the same, but the strap is different. The print on the coloured belt seems more golden.
    -Is there a difference or is it just me seeing things lol..?

    Also I was looking for past entries about the waist/fanny pack ;), And someone mentioned that there is 2 sizes.
    -What are the measurements to the small and larger one?

    Thanks if anyone can help!^_^

    Anyone with pictures of theres? on?
  2. i remember swanky had one + she attached her pic with her sweet daughter in Disnely land ...
  3. i bought my bf the one with the green/red makes the pouch look more casual and sporty imo. i was considering getting the small one for myself because it's cute..but didn't go through with it since i can't really fit my wallet in there. ended up buying a messenger bag instead.
  4. You're better off getting the original larger size. EVen at that size I find it a PITA to get things in and out of. The small version would be horrible, although I suppose it'd be good if you carry the very minimal. In my larger size I can fit my LV clés, lipgloss and cell in the one part and the other pouch I put my car keys. Its pretty much full after that.
  5. I have a single apartment type of pouch with a buckle on... but i still prefer yours which is so much softer than what i got...
  6. I have the small one in black, and it fits the bare minimum. Cigs, cash, change, and cellphone. But I like it I think it fits me right, because I'm short (5'2").
  7. I like the second ones look.