Gucci waist bag

  1. Hey girls. I have a question i just bought the gucci waist bag in the brown with the green and red belt buckle. What do you all think of it? I have always wanted it. But is it dorky to wear it on your waist. I think i might just wear it cross my back. I need some help does anyone have it and love it? Please help.
  2. I don't have one, but I would definately wear it around my waist opposed to my back. That is what it's made for! Don't worry & enjoy your new Gucci!
  3. I bought the same one too! I love it personally for traveling. I wear it around my waist and sometimes when I'm lazy over my shoulder with the strap adjusted to the shortest length.
  5. mine has a brown strap, and i wear it around my waist. it looks really odd across the back, probably because it was made for the waist :lol:. i love the bag though :yes:

  6. If you make the strap lose and put it across your chest and let it hang on your back/side it looks like a mes. bag. I just like to be some what different.
  7. is there a smaller version of the waist bag?
    i saw this tiny girl the other day who was wearing one around her waist and it looked in good proportion (i.e. was quite small) but the ones i've seen on ebay look massive
  8. I have it....I love it....and have gotten numerous compliments on it.

    I love it around my waste. Wear it with confidence!!!

  9. Yea they have a small and a large one. The small one is 395. And the large on is 435. I like the large one it fits more.

  10. Thank you so much. I'm going to keep it. I love it and have always wanted it.
  11. do you mind if i ask what the 395 measures? i cant seem to find any info on the gucci website, thanks!
  12. Thats the price if am not wrong..

    i have a squarish pouch which have a buckle infront... used once and keep nicely in my wardrobe.. feel uncomfortable having a pouch around my waist...
  13. I have that bag and I find it really unconfortable on my shoulder the waist is the best ;)
  14. i've got a black and a brown one and i think they're very practical especially when im not carrying much anyway. i wear it both on the waist and across the back - depending on what im doing or wearing :yes:
  15. I have one in the colors your described! I love it! Great for when you don't want to carry stuff, or for travel, or just for whenever!