Gucci waist bag !! Pleeease help me !!

  1. Hello
    This is my first post in the gucci forum. Usually I'm in the louis vuitton forum.
    But now I would like to buy a gucci bag.

    I love the gucci waistbag. The way to wear it on the body I like so much.

    I have looked at the site . 3 different styles of them of waist bags are there.

    the first:
    costs 225 Euros (great price:smile:)

    it looks like the others but the leather is continuous.

    I haven't seen anybody with that.
    otherwise has it the green red too.

    have you ever seen that on someone or in the store?

    the second and the third :

    is the normal waist bag.
    (look at the photos)

    the only difference is the size. the little costs 310 Euros and the big one 360 Euros.

    so now I want to know from you, which one do you like? have you experience with any one of these 3 waist bags?

    I'm very interestet at the first one, because it looks like the other and the price is great.
    do you like them?
    can you recommend it? are there any "faults" on it?

    At the photo (first one) I think it looks like the the red/green "handle" come from above and not from the left site. is that right? is it so on that bag? or looks so only on the photo?
    I'm confused from that because I think it's a waistbag and when the "handle" come from above, I didnt can wear it on the waist, I think:sweatdrop:

    so I hope you can help me

    thank you sooooo much:heart::p
    180691_F4FOR_9791-1.jpg 162962_F4FOR_9791.jpg 28566R_F4FOR_9791.jpg
  2. I've only seen the 3rd one on someone at the mall. It looks really good on some people. The handle on the first one doesn't come from the top, I guess that's just how Gucci photographed it. :p

    I've tried the last 2 on before but I didn't really like them on me. I bought the other Gucci waist bag with the single compartment and I love it.
  3. I haven't tried the first one on but I have 2 of the 2nd one. I have it in black and in the tan with pink leather. I'm about 5 ft tall and I thought the small size was proportional to my body. I really like having my hands free and using these belt bags.

    Are you able to try this on in the store?
  4. I love the second one.
  5. my friend have the 2nd (its small) and it looks very cute on her tiny frame, my sis has the bigger version, I dont like it at all even tho its very popular here where i lived. Have you seen this single compartment pouch? its much cuter when you where it accross your chest. I love it.
  6. have you a pic of that waist bag that you have bought?
  7. I will go to the gucci store and try all 3 on on tuesday.
  8. The picture above your reply is the one I have, bought at Caesar's Forum shops. I think it works better than the other two because, as was stated earlier, you can wear it over your shoulder or across your chest and it looks great. :p I'm at work right now but once I get home I'll post a picture of myself with the bag on so you can see how it looks size-wise. :smile:
  9. I dont have a pic of it on me but I got a pic of how it looks on my dd.:p
  10. how cute! I'm sold :smile:
  11. :tender::cutesy::love::tender::cutesy::love:

    Oh my goodness, this is hands down the cutest photo I have seen!!! Actually this and beejerry's avatar with another cute baby with a pink purse... Oh she is gorgeous and whoever put that Gucci on her is evil cos you don't know what you have started. :wtf:
  12. LOL, she's a bag addict I tell ya, she has many hello kitty purses, I can see she's becoming one of us :rolleyes:
  13. Awww.... She is so pretty.

    Out of the 3 waist bags I think the last 2 might be a bit more practical in the sense when that you have it on your body, having 2 compartments will wrap around your body better. Then again if you don't need to carry long objects in the 1st you'll be fine.

    Personally I prefer the pouches without the red and green.
  14. I have the mini belt bag - I'm very petite so the size is better for me. Only fits my pda and cards/lipglosses on the other side, but it's great! Oh ya, and there is also a larger zipper pocket in the entire back of it.
  15. the 3rd beltbag looks cute. but i'd really feel weird if i were using a beltbag. hehe maybe i just wouldn't know how to 'carry' it. :p

    tt_81, she looks soo cute! hehe another baghag in the making! :tup: