Gucci Waerhouse?

  1. I heard from a friend that there is supposed to be a Gucci Warehouse someplace in NJ where they offer incredible deals. Has anyone heard of this or knows the location?
  2. I don't know where that is. When you find out please post.
  3. A friend mentioned that gucci/balenciaga has an outlet somewhere in jersey but she didn't say where. Will have to ask again...
  4. If it's an outlet, maybe she was referring to Woodbury Commons? Isn't there a Gucci outlet there?
  5. It's actually a Gucci outlet in Seacaucus, NJ. There is a Gucci outlet in Woodbury, NY but I'm pretty sure your friend was talking about the one in Seacaucus. They have some warehouses for other companies so when you go there you'll see some buildings that look like warehouses. It's in northern Jersey. Here's the phone number to the outlet in case you need it. 201-867-8800.
  6. I'm in central Jersey and never knew this, is there a Balenciaga outlet there?
  7. There are 4 different outlets in Seacaucus. Harmon Cove Outlet has 30 stores including bally, lenox..etc. Designer outlet gallery has 17 stores mostly for apparels and the one that has a Gucci store is Free standing outlet. That one has 26 stores including Gucci, YSL Rive Gauche, Kenneth Cole...etc. Last, outlets at the cove only has 3 stores but if you go there you'll see that the buildings are all kind of scattered apat so you'll need to drive around to get to some of the stores. You can also check more store information on Hope this helps.
  8. The YSL store there closed. I've been to the Gucci store, but in the times I was there, there weren't very many bags and they were sort of beat up. I wasn't that impressed.