Gucci w/ bamboo handles

  1. Hey girls,
    I usually post in the Balenciaga forum, but meandered over here and have decided that I want a Gucci (as I know close to nothing about them, I decided to post). Is there anywhere that I can still buy the large logo bag w/ bamboo handles? TIA!
  2. Actually...According to the pics of the bags for the Spring AD campaign..Gucci is making bamboo handle bags again for the upcoming season!
  3. YAY! When will they hit stores? I neeeed one :smile:
  4. New bags start coming in in the next few weeks...
  5. Hi! Not sure if it's what you're looking for but Bluefly has some bamboo bags that (IMO) are to die for!! Good luck & post pics when you get one!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  6. I am so excited to see the spring bags - I'll def post!! EMMY, I am on Bluefly as I type this... thanx for posting