Gucci vs. Hermes


Which Bag Will Hold Its Value?

  1. Hermes Birkin

  2. Gucci Hobo (85th Anniversary)

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  1. From the Wall Street Journal....

    What It's Worth
    Tracking How Luxury Goods Hold Their Value

    September 9, 2006; Page P4
    Can expensive designer handbags sell for more than the original price? We compare a classic from Hermès with a newcomer from Gucci.

    Gucci 85th Anniversary Hobo

    WHAT IT IS: Hobo-style bag that comes in a variety of skins and fabrics, such as crocodile (pictured) and patchwork velvet, with Gucci's signature horse-bit detailing.

    BUZZ: A limited number are being sold July to December, says Gucci. The fashion media has been pushing it as an instant classic.

    CONSTRUCTION: Fabric versions are hand-made in Florence. Fabric is woven on 19th-century wooden looms, which Clare Sauro, a curator at the Fashion Institute of Technology museum in New York, says makes for a tighter weave.

    INVESTMENT OUTLOOK: Moderate. Gucci won't say how many it will make. "If they're making 500 world-wide, that's great" for investors, says Clair Watson, director of couture at auction house Doyle New York. If it's in the thousands, she expects little long-term resale interest. Ina Bernstein, owner of eponymous fashion-resale stores in New York, figures she could sell a used one for 50% to 75% of the original price.

    But Andrew Bolton, Costume Institute curator at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, predicts it won't be a collector's item unless it becomes a cultural icon like the Birkin.

    Hermès Birkin

    WHAT IT IS: Large leather shopper in a variety of skins that's designed to be a carryall for working or traveling women.

    BUZZ: Introduced in 1984, reportedly after the Hermès president sat next to British actress Jane Birkin on a plane and offered to design a bag to replace her shabby straw shopper. Has since gained notoriety for being on the arms of Martha Stewart and Lil' Kim during their trials. First bag to have a waiting list. Demand was so strong at the New York store that the wait was five years -- a list that's since closed. Hermès makes about two bags a week -- so only about 100 new bags are released each year.

    CONSTRUCTION: Each Birkin is made from start to finish by a Parisian craftsman, who spends up to 72 hours on one bag. Ms. Sauro says that offers "consistency of quality."

    INVESTMENT OUTLOOK: Very high. At Doyle New York's Couture and Accessories Auction this spring, a tan Togo leather Birkin that cost about $7,400 retail was resold for $16,800 due to intense bidding by two women. These bags have a "remarkable fashion mystique," says Mr. Bolton.

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