Gucci virgin needs some HELP PLEASE!!

  1. Ok so I am looking to purchase a new bag and matching wallet. I have an LV but was looking to get a Gucci this time. I need some help and input on what I should get as a first bag??

    I like small bags but not too small, guess small-medium size. My LV is 10.6 x 10.6 x 2. So around that size is good. I like the signature and the leather with the G's embossed on it. The chain bag is kinda cute.

    I want to spend around $1000 (hopefully) for both a wallet and bag. And I'm kinda anal about my bags having to match. They don't necessarily have to match exactly - say the bag is leather but the wallet is signature or vice versa. But it has to be the same color. I am looking for a medium size wallet, not checkbook and not a french purse style would be great.

    So what can you Gucci experts recommend?? Please add pics as I am totally not familiar with this brand. Oh and it has to fit on my shoulder, can't do the hand held bags.


    For reference, this is the bag I have now:
  2. Why not try the Gucci website to familiarize yourself w/ styles & prices? It's a great website..It gives measurements and prices etc.....Not sure you'll be able to get both for a thousand unless you hit a sale or eBay.....If you do buy from eBay make sure to have the auction authenticated here first before you buy...There's so many fakes it's sickening...Good luck in your search!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. so no one has any opinions or suggestions? I looked at but would rather hear actual people's opinions on bag selections.
  4. ITA with Emmy - you're going to have a hard time getting a Gucci bag and wallet for under $1k, unless you wait until the spring sales or try your luck on eBay...

    As for potential styles, I also suggest looking through the Gucci website for ideas or even visiting the Gucci boutique if you have one near you. Once you've narrowed it down to a few favourites, we can help you pick THE ONE. Good luck!!! :yes:
  5. Look at the Britt totes with the Gucci canvas on them..I picked one up in Paris..Its REALLY cute and comes in several sizes
  6. ok so I have it narrowed down, can anyone give their input?

    1. princy small hobo
    2. new britt med hobo
    3. abbey med hobo
    4. abbey small top handle
    5. chain med hobo
    6. charmy med boston
    7. charmy small hobo
  7. Britt hobo...HANDS DOWN..LOVE!
  8. I love Gucci and I'm all about getting the black pelham bag with the braided handles and guccissima embossing. LOVE IT!
  9. from your list, i would pick the medium chain hobo. it's such a classic and very comfortable.
  10. Chain medium hobo hands down!!!!! LOVE the hardware!!! That bag is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How about this combination - considering you only want to spend $1000 for a purse and a wallet..

    and then

    a bilfold - I think it was between $150 and $175 for a 6 card credit card wallet....they match and you want everything to match!!
  12. or how about the following combination - this retails for $620.00 right now...




    ..this wallet is only $285.... together they are under $1,000!!!

    so it is do-able to buy GUCCI and be able to purchase a wallet and purse for under $1,000 - unlike LV!!!
  13. this one is $660 - and then you can do the same wallet above in black, as an option too...


    or this one for $585


    ...that's about it unless you wanted to spend up to $800 for a purse and buy a bilfold wallet for under $ it's do-able to have everything match and under $1000!!!
  14. well I think I might have to break that $1000 limit as I saw the chain hobo ($1205) in the guccisima (sp?) leather and man oh man do I want that! Or even the new silver bag coming out, that is too cute and it's $800! I think I am going to hit up the outlet this Sunday and see if there's anything there I want first!
  15. I have the one that ItsGoodtobeMe showed in her first picture but instead of brown the lining is green. I just checked the and now they have the one with the ivory or silver leather piping which I thought is cuter. That bag is about $700...and I am sure you can get a wallet for $300s. As long as you dont have too much hardware or leather and stick with the monogram, the price will be in the lower end.