Gucci vintage web Boston black leather or speedy empreinte black

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  1. I'm debating on either the gucci boston web leather vintage in black for 1490.00 vs the lv speedy empreinte 30 black for 3050.00 I'm leaning toward the gucci because of its classic look without monogram displayed and of course price. Any thoughts? Any purse forum members who have one or the other or both? Thanks.
  2. This is funny because I had this dilemma over these two exact bags. I ended up with the Gucci black boston just because it is so classy and versatile. I DO love the empreinte and plan on getting one in the future, but I like the empreinte in a bigger bag than the Speedy, more like a tote. Maybe the Lumineuse. (pic attached) Let us know what you decide!!! :salute:

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