Gucci - VERY VERY BAD customer service

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    I love Gucci but I have decided not to give them my money ever again for these facts.

    • I have had the phone put down on me FOUR times!!!

    • They tell me that the manager has tried to call me, which is a big whopper of a lie.

    • They take my money and tell me my goods will be dispatched the next day. Then tell me when I call that they are not dispatching any goods as there is a hold on dispatch....I still have no order.

    • The staff are fake and are soooooo rude. I get treated better in my local super market.

    My advice to any one who loves Gucci DO NOT BUY FROM THEM as they will make you mad

    There is one policy that I now stick to
  2. Tina, welcome to the forums.

    Regarding Gucci I've learned one very important thing, which I believe applies to a lot of other premium designer stores as well. The sales folks are complete arrogant pricks. Unless you have past purchase history with them, or walk into the store yourself and give them the impression that you are worth their precious time.

    Though I've felt like Gucci belonged to one of the worse kinds that there are.
  3. I've always gotten good service from there, and I'm not one of their star customers or anything. I actually don't like Gucci too much style wise.

    Sorry to hear about your experience, with all the crappy things that have been happening to me merchandise wise I'm inclined to believe that this isn't an isolated experience :sad:
  4. This is the stuff which drives me crazy! Going to rant now: I've worked in retailing since I was 18 (not giving age, but it's been a long time.) Started out in Bloomingdales in the late 70's early 80's when Bloomies was THE STORE. Customer service was a must. The NY Times stated in an article at that time that "Bloomingdales will accept any return, except dead elephants". And it was true. They even took back things with labels from other stores. All to make the customer happy. That said, I have found that sometimes it is better to deal with a retail chain such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, or Nordstrom when making a luxury purchase. Yes the supply is limited but they stand behind their merchandise. Plus the SA's manager is easy to locate if their is a problem.

    These people work on commission. I would stay away from the Gucci sales people and hurt them in the commission loss. Nothing is going to change their attitude. However they keep track and know exactally what they have sold. If they see you with a Gucci bag that they didn't sell you, they will begin to wonder where you bought it.

    I have also found that older sales associates (40's +) will give much better service than someone younger. (usually, there are exceptions to each rule) They are just more helpful and not rude. Rudeness seems to be running rampant in the sales industry and finding someone who is accomodating reguardless of the amount of your purchase is someone worth keeping. Be sure to return to that associate each time you make a purchase. The service you receive will be outstanding.

    It really doesn't take a lot to please a customer. After all it is our hard earned money which is being spent. If a customer wants to see everything, show it to them. I always figured that whatever pleases them is fine. I'm working to a set time anyway, it only takes a little to make someone happy with their shopping experience.

    In a side note, my attitude earned me the late, great Helen Hayes as one of my regular customers. Who would call and place orders only with me. I love retailing and rude sales help is definately my pet peeve.
  5. Hey thanks for the welcome! sorry about my rant but it's as bad as it gets.

    Yes I myself used to work in retail from low end to top end e.g Oxford St, Harrods and Kings Rd. At one point I had the area manager taking all my comission because she wanted to go on hols. I know how they work but it's the Co. to blame as they don't give a hoot about service. Even if I felf like crap I always gave customers 100%.
    I always said to a friend who hated working in retail. If you don't like your job the clients will pick up on your mood and won't browse or buy from you. So why do the job, even if it pays your rent. It's not worth it.


    I've given Gucci far too many chances

    Geneva - HARD faced service, staff almost fighting with each other to get comission.

    Amsterdam- Kevin (staff) was only interested if I was going to buy items.

    Sloane street - London- could not answer the phone because she was laughing so much. when I called up again she denied it but still kept on laughing.

    Client services UK- put down the phone one me when she couldn't answer my qestions. Then denied it, saying that she was cut off.

    Client services EU online- full of muck they even lied to me a number of times, digging into a bigger hole.

    I even sent them a fax and they didn't reply.
    They really do think they are a cut above the rest. and I regret giving them my money.

    The good thing is I know all about retail sales act and will take a big group like Gucci to the cleaners it the don't come up with my goods.
    I've done the same with a department store in the UK and that is the only way they will listen.

    from now on Gucci can poke their products where the sun doesn't shine.

    I'm most disappointed that they think I'd be that I would be so stupid to believe them when I do get a email's sooooo full of crap.

    I must say all this problems only started this year and I've been shopping with them for years.

    I should of read all this before
  6. Thanks for making me spew my Evian all over my keyboard... picturing that really did make me lose it. :lol::lol::lol:
  7. The bamboo accents might chafe....
  8. Welcome to the Forum Lulu! I'm sorry to read about your bad experiences at Gucci. For the most part, I tend to buy my luxury goods from reputable department stores, versus the brand stores themselves. I find that I have much better experiences there - most of the time.
  9. Hi Suli,

    The reputable department stores works in thr same way...They will only listen to you when you want to take them on.

    Gucci told me that they will email me by the end of the day...GUESS what? No email!

    I was adviced to send the CEO a fax.

    So tomorrow first thing I will send them a big fat fax. (I will remain calm, she say's biting her lip) I will make it nice and polite etc. and tell them what I want. They will have 3 choices 1. dispatch my goods. 2. give me back a full refund 3. I will see them in court. I'm not even going to go into all the other nightmare I've had with them as they will only white wash the matter.

    That will get them moving and shaking,

    I'll let you know what happens but I no more lux goods!

    Evian is my fav..

    p.s all retails start foaming at the mouth when you mention legal action. I recently had to give Apple Mac a ticking off due to fraud on my credit card.
  10. Update!!!:nuts:

    The person that I spoke to at Gucci must of spread the word that I will take them to the cleaners after sending my fax if they don't get back to be because they replied to my email just a few mins a go after closing time.

    The gave me a tracking # like I asked for to prove the have sent the items BUT it's not valid:wacko: :Push:

    THEN I get this

    Dear xxxxx

    due to an administrative error in our system, we have realized that the
    total amount of your order is 995,00 Euro instead of euro 1.010.

    Therefore, today we have also sent you the difference of euro 15,00 back
    to you in cash, which you will find enclosed in an envelope inside a
    catalogue which we have sent you by Ups courier with tracking number xxxxxx
    We deeply apologise for this inconvenience and we remain at your complete
    disposal for any further clarification you might need.

    Thank you for your kind understanding
    Best regards

    Yes it's time to eat my poo :sick:
  11. Yeah, but you'll look good with your bag while doing so!
  12. I have had pretty bad customer service from Gucci over the phone. I live in Seattle so we don't have a store to go to, and every time I have tried to contact the New York store over the phone some guy gets on the phone and says YOU NEED TO CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE I DONT KNOW IF WE HAVE A SHEARLING FLAP HAT OR NOT when customer service was the one who connected me to his store in the first place! My husband always buys things over the website though and they are always good. I have a long story to tell about the revenge we got on the evil customer service people that I will post sometime (well actually they did it to themselves...). I guess they just get mad when you don't go into the store.
  13. The sales folks are complete arrogant pricks. Unless you have past purchase history with them, or walk into the store yourself and give them the impression that you are worth their precious time.

    Though I've felt like Gucci belonged to one of the worse kinds that there are.

    QUOTE from Vlad

    and Hannah I can't wait to hear what you done:lol: :lol: :lol:

    I've got my goodies:love: but told them a few things liek if they are going to lie make sure it's a good one otherwise you will make Gucci look stupid as they can't back peddle as they keep making a bigger hole.

    It seems whatever branch you go to in the world and online it's still the same crap but different day.

    I woud advise that if anyone still wants to shop with them in the near future, make sure you have the HQ address to the CEO :idea: that will give them moving as i had to deal with a freaky arrogant client services manager who was full of it! :Push:

    I will still write to the CEO in Holland (Robert Polet) just to tell him goode bye
  14. ugh, i hate arrogant salespeople. even though i don't work at a luxury store, i sell things that costs thousands and thousands of dollars - viking ranges and such are CERTAINLY luxury - but i'm not an ******* to people that come in to buy the $299 ranges, either, and neither are my coworkers. if freakin' Best Buy can find competent salespeople, then why can't Gucci or Saks (worst customer service experience ever for me)?
  15. Come to think of it I did get a much better service but that was with those dodgy guy's who sell fake Gucci in the market. Sadly I didn't buy any at the time but I'm sure the counterfit goods will last as long as Gucci's bad service.

    The way I see arrogant people is that
    They are sad & have no life, otherwise they would take responsiblity for there own crap and not transfer it on customers.
    The good sales staff know what to do, even if they have a bad day, it's water off a ducks back. That's coming from selling goods to footballers, spice girls, movie stars, rubbish collectors, rednecks etc. I used to treat them ALL the same.
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