Gucci versus Mulberry

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  1. The Gucci bag I ordered came today. This is a pic of it that I got off of Neiman Marcus.
    I love the bag. However, it looks a little too big on me. It is a large flap bag. I'm only 5'1" and I think it looks too big. I also just got a white Twiggy, and although they are two different bags do I really need another summer bag? I think I'd rather get the Mulberry Rosemary in oak that I have on hold instead. My husband thinks this Gucci bag is gorgeous and I shouldn't bring it back. What do you guys think? Please help me make a decision. :wacko: THanks ....
  2. that is a big flap, especially if you are vertically challenged. the mulberry is beautiful, and may be more versatile!
  3. The mulberry is a little more casual. It depends on your style. Are you more casual? Then I would say mulberry...more classic? I would say Gucci? Or finacially flush? I would say keep both and enjoy those cute bags!
  4. I think the Gucci bag is gorgeous too. And what Greenie said.
  5. The Gucci is definitely gorgeous, and very timeless. However, I think the Mulberry is really beautiful but slightly limited in the sense that to me, it seems more like a casual bag - which would be perfect if you are looking for a summery bag. I think you might be able to dress down the Gucci since it's such a light color.
  6. As much as I love the way the Gucci looks in the picture, if you don't like the way it looks on you, you either won't wear it at all or very rarely, it's as simple as that. I agree that mulberry usually does look more casual, so again it's all about what you're looking for. If you don't want casual, I'd return the Gucci for money back or for store credit so that you can get something else; they're always coming out with no bags, so I'm sure that you can find a new love.
  7. i LOVE the gucci but i agree, the flap may make it look a little too large on a small frame. maybe get a different gucci then? haha. im a gucci enthusiast, but if you find mulberry more your style (casual! :biggrin:) maybe you should get a mulberry then?
  8. Anyway you could take a picture with you wearing it? To give us an idea about the proportion...
  9. Or you could have a combo of both! LOL!
    I bought a Gucci about 3 weeks ago that resembles the shape of a Mulberry. It's a shoulder bag w/ cargo pockets on the outside.
    I bought it at Neimans but can't find a pic of it anywhere online - not even{?} Weird, anyhow, it's seriously a combo of both.
    I could probably post a pic if you want.
  10. that's a good idea! can you do that?
  11. I love that Gucci! But if you aren't comfortable with it now you may never be and it would be a shame to let it sit in the closet. Keep us posted!
  12. Thanks Kat for the pics!

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  13. Ooooh, it's purty! It is big though and if big isn't your thing . . .
  14. it looks lovely! but it does seem a little big. if you really think it's too big for your body i'd definitely go for the mulberry
  15. Your husband is right, it's a great looking bag. I also agree that it does seem a little big an unwieldy, I would probably go with a Mulberry instead.