Gucci Unique Pieces Designed by YOU

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  1. From FB:

    "Introducing Gucci DIY, a new service to personalize ‪#‎ Gucci‬ products. Exclusively available in the Milan Montenapoleone flagship, customers can design their own Dionysus bag. Gucci DIY will extend to other flagships in major fashion cities and other products from the House including the Ace sneaker, Princetown slipper and men’s made-to-order suits."

    So we can create our own very personal and unique take on Dionysus, Princetown etc :graucho:

    Love this idea, what about you, given the chance how would personalise your bag, shoes or suit?

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  2. I was so excited to see this, would love to go have a look, hope it comes our "local" store!
  3. Love THIS!!
  4. This is a innovative and exciting idea! If I had the means I would love to design a dionysus bag with lots of different size stars!

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  5. :yes: this has got me excited again :P.


    Both my sister and I think that would be just beautiful :tender:

    I liked some of the City variations which shows what can be done, but some of them look overloaded. I liked the snake on the London but I felt all in all there was too much going on for me
  6. Oh, I would love to get a personalized Dyonisus bag! I hope they will be available in Rome by September!!!
  7. I love this Mines would hv nothing but hearts I hv the old gold silver hearts Boston bag still my favorite bag to carry
  8. Wow that would be awesome!!! Gucci has done so much lately and really stands out from other major brands!!! Super excited!!!!:yahoo::woohoo:

  9. I'm with you there! The Boston bag with the metallic hearts is one of my favorite Gucci pieces of all time in my collection. I too would do a bag with all hearts!

    Does anyone have an idea when or if this will be an available service in the U.S.? TIA
  10. It sounds highly probable. Do you have September birthday or do you go to Rome in Sept? :graucho:

    Guccigirlkells and LVChanelLISA does this mean we're triplets, all owning the Joy, Valentine's Leather Hearts Boston? :party:

    Don't you think that bag suddenly looks better than ever, better than it ever did in 2009? My new GG-plus fringed studded pumps were made for it - 6 years later. :lol:

    I'm as sure as I can be Gucci will have the service in a few US flagship store locations

    I'm excited too :yahoo:

    I better start saving... again :girlsigh:
  11. I am a scorpio who will be in Rome in September :cool:
  12. Double fabulous! :queen:
  13. That awesome. Gucci is taking note from Fendi but expand the customize service. :P
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  14. PT - do you happen to know how long it takes them to customize??
  15. So cool!