Gucci Unicef collection

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  1. Hi! I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I saw in the magazines that there's a Gucci unicef collection, where 20% of the proceeds goes to Unicef, which personally I think is great.
    I can't get onto because it wants me to upgrade my internet browser, and since my comp is all screwed I might not want to do that until I go home nad get it fixed.

    I was wondering what are the prices for those gorgeous accessories? I know there's a little makeup bag, and a cell phone charm? I'm not too sure, but I'm sure you ladies can help me out. =)

    BTW, I was scrolling through past threads, and one of the mentioned the possibility of a gucci sale in London??? :nuts: Does anyone know when that is??

    Thanks again!!! :smile:
  2. i don't have prices immediately for you, but there's a large and small platinum colored guccissima cosmetic bag, a nano cover, also platinum guccissima. there some floral patterned bags, including the pelham. a pair of heels. i'm thinking of getting the cosmetic bag, not sure which size yet.
  3. The small platinum cosmetic bag is 195Euro, the Phone Strap is 95 Euro
  4. sorrry but its the ugliest collllection gucci has ever made offense
  5. Those floral bags are actually "Xmas" bags....if you look closely, the pattern is mistletoe and christmas ornaments. :roflmfao:
  6. i wan't the unicef ipod nano case i'll just need an ipod nano:nuts:
  7. Yea I know what you mean about the bags, I don't really care for them. It's the accessories such as the Ipod case and the makeup bags that I think are cute :love:
  8. yup thw platinum guccissima are worth it... not the christmas themed ones!