Gucci UK

  1. Has anyone had the email or any info of what date the online sale starts?

    Selfridges is boxing day

    London 9am
    Birmingham 8am
  2. I never think it has gucci online sale in UK site.
  3. Yes they do! Its either boxing day or the day after!!
  4. really??
    what date that is??that sale?
  5. Selfridges is boxing day. I have had an invite to the Bond street pre-sale, but nothing about the online sale!
  6. Off topic, i was curious to know what "boxing day" is.. and i just googled it. [i didn't want to sound dumb asking] lolz. That is such a cool holiday!!! The U.S. should celebrate it too and make it a national holiday as well :tup:

    I thought it meant like it was an actual "boxing day" like a major boxing match :boxing:. Ok, yeah i know... hahahaha just had to share.
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    If I can try to remember what they told me at school, it use to be a day for boxing up stuff and giving away to the poor.

    I think. lol

    ok my memory isnt that bad - but I found a reference to what boxing day is?

  8. Thanks for the info designermummy I never got an invite for the pre sale :sad: they just mail me every now and then i was hoping to get an invite oh wel..
  9. we have an online uk sale wow thats good beats the rush pushing & shoving instore hmm might have a look online before heading out to the shops..

    Anyone here had any luck scoring on the online gucci uk site? are items available or are they always out of stock.. and whens the best time to get online & shop?

  10. Thanks for the follow up La Missy- but this post is from 12mths ago!

  11. There is no online Gucci sale in the UK.

    This post is from 12mths ago!
  12. oopsssss lol thanks designermummy