Gucci UK pulled my listings off AGAIN!!

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  1. I am sitting here at a took 3 months to try & clear up the first problem I had with Gucci UK...I have been selling authentic Gucci for many many years on ebay & in September Gucci UK pulled 2 of my authentic bags off. I had them authenticated by 2 third parties & went back & fourth on the matter with ebay about 10 times. emailed Gucci UK on the subject 12 times(12 times!!) & they never returned any of my emails. I actually never got it resolved the first time because Gucci UK never emailed me back after sending them receipts, letters of authentication & everything else.

    Well, 4 days ago my restrictions were lifted from great feedback & I was happy as a clam. I listed a few of my bags & all was great with the world......... Today I get a phone call from ebay & guess what??? Gucci UK pulled off 3 of my authentic bags once again!! Its like they were just waiting for my restrictions to be lifted!! I am so very frustrated I am at a loss. I truly believe I am targeted somehow. I feel like because I sell so many authentic bags per month, Gucci does not like is the only thing I can think of that would make them take the bags off. Obviously, I would NEVER ever think of selling a fake reputation is everything on ebay...
    I guess what I am asking everyone is if this is happening to anyone else?? Do I take the next step & get legal action?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. wow, as a final semester law student specializing in trademark law, i'm going to go ahead and say that gucci's actions suggest they've tagged you as a "suspicious" reseller (due to the number of auctions you have) and that they'd rather file a NOCI claim on your account than spend time confirming your items are authentic. i'm baffled that they've ignored your contacts and the fact that you have documents to prove authenticity should clear everything up. usually, legal departments at these fashion houses employ interns who spend HOURS on ebay looking for fakes -- if they can't confirm authenticity via photos, they'll file a NOCI on you. try putting clear enlarged pics of all your docs of authenticity in your auctions.

    as for legal action -- what exactly do you want the end result to be? technically, you are allowed to resell whatever you own and you're not cheating Gucci. but, at the end of the day, ebay is TERRIFIED of peeving off luxury brands. i don't know if spending the money on legal fees would be worth it! have you tried reselling your bags via other avenues?

    ETA: you're in the UK? even more reason ebay is at the beck and call of gucci! ever since the LVMH french decision, ebay's been EXTREMELY cautious in the EU.
  3. No, that is the funny thing...I am in the USA...Gucci UK has been NOTORIOUS for doing this really is a shame. I am at a loss at this point.
  4. They are pulling all kinds of Gucci auctions. Including those from respected sellers. Apparently a ton of people had auctions yanked today.
  5. hmmmm. maybe gucci is threatening legal action over counterfeits again and ebay is being extra careful?

    it *could also* be that other people selling gucci items (real or fake) are hitting the "report this" button just to get items yanked and diminish competition. if ebay + gucci "experts" can't verify authenticity when reviewing the report, they'll yank it.
  6. Just found out that there were 6,000 Gucci listings pulled yesterday...this is getting really out of hand..
  7. Holy %^$& batman! 6,000 listings? Something must be going on between Gucci and eBay...sorry your auctions were pulled. My suggestion would be to consign them and avoid the aggravation of this.
  8. I am so sorry OP. Yes, certainly something going on between Gucci and eBay. Good advice to maybe consign your Gucci instead try to list again and get pull again. I am glad I do not have any Gucci listed on eBay for the time being.
  9. I have gotten lots of great info from many people that have gone through this & I believe it is worth it for me to take the next step & file a lawsuit..I will let you know what happens..
  10. oh my, something very odd is going on with gucci and ebay. Im so this happened to you i cant believe ebay removed 6000 gucci listings