Gucci Twirl Watch

  1. Love it or hate it?
  2. pics?
  3. LOVE it! would buy it in a second if i didnt just get a new watch that i love
  4. *BUMP*Does anybody own this watch? I've got my eye on one that I've seen online only and I would love to see some modeling pics.Thanks!!
  5. Love the bigger one.
  6. I ever want to own one loads but I ever saw a FAKE one when I was on holiday in Asia and it looked soooo real. I have compared it with the real one (my friend got a diamond version) and I couldn't notice the different! Moreover, the price is less than $80. Suck!:sweatdrop:
  7. i own the watch and i love it!
    sorry my pictures aren't that great though...
    P1030204.JPG P1030210.JPG
  8. I think it's really cute, but my wrists are tiny, and in order to get it to fit me, the metal hinge gets too bent and the face pops out and looks funny. :sad:
  9. Thanks so much chanel princess!! It looks great on you.
  10. thanks for the pic chanel princess! is that the wide one? i've been watching it on Jomashop for a while now and have considered getting it.
  11. I had my eye on this watch for awhile! My wrist is really small though so I don't know if the hard band will wrap around as nicely as it is on chanel princess.
  12. thanks guys!

    azia: yes it is the wide one.

    i had to take of two of the chain things in order to get it to fit nicely.
    it still slips up my wrist when i move around but then making it tight (and removing two more of those chain things) on my wrist wouldn't look good.
  13. i have one and its amazing how i get so many compliments
  14. I did not care for this watch until a SA placed it on my wrist. What a wow factor it created!