Gucci Tropical Print

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  1. Sweatshirt $1,350!

    Dress $3,200

    Linen T shirt $670 (still beyond my budget, but I like this the best!)
  2. I love the backpack and the shoes. I also love the t-shirt! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  3. The t-shirt is so cool! And I really like the first bag...
  4. anything showing the birds :loveeyes:
  5. I've had my eye on that backpack for a while now - so beautiful!
  6. Love the patterned stuff, but have only had the courage to do it in SLGs or shoes.
  7. Gucci is so innovative.
  8. I think this is fire
  9. does anyone know if Gucci will be releasing more items with this tropical print? i am so in love with this pattern :loveeyes: in addition to what is on the Gucci site (see here), there is also a Dionysus bag for pre-order at Neiman Marcus as well as a bamboo top handle bag. very beautiful, but I'm hoping for SLGs, would love a card case or something... disappointed that most of the items in this print are men's clothing/shoes.

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  10. Could be just what's online :shrugs: call a store (perhaps wait till sales have finished) and see if they know if there are any SLGs
  11. I emailed Gucci CS through the website to ask, will post response here when/if I get one!

    if nothing else is released in this print, I might spring for the pouch with the wrist strap... for now I made the pattern the background on my iPhone, haha!
  12. Best of luck :tup:

    Love the wristlet/pouch in any case :graucho:
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