Gucci totes with the scarf

  1. Do you like the totes that have the scarfs intertwined around the top of the bag?
  2. if you're referring to these, i love them!
    gucci tote.jpg
  3. yay, i like them too, very cute!
  4. Great bags!
  5. I think they are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite guccis right now!
  6. I really like them too. I haven't seen them in person yet though.
  7. Hi,

    I would love to have one!! Unfortunately the one showed in the picture is really expensive!:love:
  8. :amuse: very sophisticated yet not too flashy.
  9. Yes I do. So the black IRL. Very spacious. Awesome!
  10. Saw it in the Gucci store today, LOVE IT!!!
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