gucci tote review pls?

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  1. I have this with the baby blue handles and without the stripes going down the bag. It's from a couple years ago and I love it. I've bought it on a couple outtings to the farm/zoo, etc with my daughter and it holds EVERYTHING... more than my Gucci Diaper bag I'd say. I think the bag is pretty unisex even with that color.
  2. I had this bag in a different version and just recently sold it to my girlfriend. Overall, I would say I liked the bag it did become a little bit to big for me and it was not an idea bag for everyday use. Actually, that was my reason of selling! Received a lot of complements and I will agree with baybeesuga it holds everything and is unisex. I had this tote version without the green/red web going down the front only on the straps! I normally used the bag only when I was traveling. Hope this help
  3. It is definitely unisex and such a great price for it!
  4. I have been looking at this tote for a while myself. I need a big bag but looking at the dimensions it does not appear that big. Any modeling pics or comparisons against another bag?
  5. I have that exact bag and it is spectacular! I love it! It is a large tote and I like to use it on day outtings or for travel. AND it holds EVERYTHING! I still think it's a great looking bag, I love to use it (light weight), and it was a great price. Also definitely unisex.

    Only rave reviews here!

    Here's a link with pics...
  6. ^ Perfect! I don't know how I missed that thread. This is exactly the style I need. Thanks.
  7. ^^ Welcome! Glad I could help! You'll LOVE it!