Gucci Tote for $648

  1. Im not a shearling fan, but this is toooo cute!
  2. I saw this a couple of months ago- I really like it! Good buy :yes:
  3. It's not availabl anymore :sad:
  4. I LOVE that bag. I actually bought one but ended up returning it. I just did not like how floppy it was. When I set it down all my stuff was exposed. I also did not like what it looked like when all my junk was in it. But I thought it was a beautiful bag and at such a great price. I was a little sad giving it up.

  5. It seems like it keeps appearing and disappearing on So if you really want it keep checking. I am sure it will be back.
  6. i like this tote!
  7. Every Gucci bag goes so quickly!!!!
  8. ugh this is the one and only gucci bag ive ever really wanted!!!! and every time i turn around its GONE :sad:

  9. I think that bag is super seasonal, you can only wear it in the fall, maybe winter. I wouldn't get it because of that. Also, not sure how shearling ages...
  10. i think it is awesome looking and a great buy! Congrats! and despite it being seasonal, as most bags can be super excited to pull it out in the fall/winter after putting it away for the spring/summer!
  11. So pretty! Congrats.
  12. nice
  13. i got this bag in black color in July 2006, it's floppy and i am so scare people can take stuff from my bag cuz the top is so i dont use it very often...but i love it and probably will be my ONLY gucci bag!
  14. It really is gorgeous but definitely not a spring/summer bag.