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  1. What does everyone think of the new leather totes? I'm in love :love:
  2. Love the taupe color
  3. I love the large Navy blue...saw them in store last week and they are AMAZING!!!
  4. Loving the swing colleciton, especially that light blue colour. Def Thinking of getting my hands on one of those totes…
  5. I am kind of underwhelmed by the bags online but that feeling may change when I see them at the boutique.
  6. I think they're great if someone needs a minimalist well-made tote at a good pricepoint. I like the contrast rim on some of them, I think that's a nice touch
  7. I like the dusty rose color :graucho:
  8. Its love! Im hoping to purchase one in the next few weeks. I actually really like the Navy but will have to see them in store to decide.

  9. Totally agree!
    I'm after new everyday tote I can use without babying. I will likely go for the black ( boring I know!) I love how durable Gucci leather is, I've had some dramas with Prada lately.
    Price point is great given how much canvas lV totes are these days
  10. Pls post pics once you purchase :biggrin:
  11. Just saw them on website, they look really functional and I love the clean lines. Definitely looking forward to reveals and thoughts on these bags.
  12. I saw this one in the store when I get my Emily, what a great bag! The website doesn't give it justice. The leather is very structured and well made.
  13. They are priced well. I'm on the prowl for a birthday gift for myself. I'm trying to choose between a swing tote, LV azur neverfull, or a burberry Grained Top-Handle Tote.
  14. I am obsessing over the smaller size - can't wait to see some reveals!!
  15. I'm not too fond of the shape because they follow the Celine/Reed Krakoff trend of the extended sides being lower than the front and back panels, which is more trendy than classic. But they are very well-priced for a Made in Italy premium designer bag. I would pick this over any overpriced Alexander Wang or Mulberry bag, which often cost more and are made in China.