Gucci Sunnies from my Honey!

  1. I am so lucky this week. My new charmy tote isn't even a week old (and I didn't spend for that, my dad did) and I have a new Gucci! My bf practically dragged me to the mall today to get me to pick out something, just because.:smile: I was actually drooling over these shades over at bluefly when lo and behold, it was at the mall! My honey is so sweet, he bought them right at that moment!:nuts:

    I was really, really touched and so happy that I bought him a pair of Nikes. Oh well, my new shades cost 2x as more as the rubber shoes so what the hell.:wlae:

    Anyway, I'm so haaaaappppyyy!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    I haven't uploaded the pics yet, so here's a link from bluefly instead. I will post pics tomorrow when I use it. Hope it won't rain!

    :supacool: [​IMG]
  2. awwww what a cute story! dont u love it when boys are super sweet! have fun wearing them! :smile: they are hot ;)
  3. Super cute sunglasses!!!! Congrats!
  4. Cute glasses...congrats!
  5. Congrats girl! You have a very supportive and super sweet honey. :tup: And also congratulations on passing the boards!!! U Go GIRL!!! That surely deserves a GUCCI!!!!
  6. Awww.....that is sweet!!
  7. aww thats sweet! Congrats on the sunnies, remember to post modeling pics when you get it:yes:
  8. How sweet! You are lucky!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats!
  12. it was raining this past few days so I still wasn't able to use my shades. :sad:
    but hey, I could use it at home while bathing my dog!:graucho:
    26-08-07_1942.jpg 26-08-07_1944.jpg 26-08-07_1913.jpg 26-08-07_1911.jpg
  13. is it too big on my face? hehe didn't care how it looked on me, all i cared was that i loved the details on the arms(?) of the shades.
  14. very cute shades, love the pics thanks for sharing!