Gucci Sunglasses.

  1. i love these.:yahoo: anyone know where i can get them?
  2. Okay I am going to sound really dumb but wouldn't the gucci print effect your vision out of the glasses?? :smile:
  3. I'll move this to Gucci for you ;)
  4. thanks :biggrin:
  5. I've tried those sunnies and you cant really see the GGlogos when you're wearing it... it doesnt affect your view... I believe those were last season's or last year's porbably... I saw those at Duty free shops in the airports. Good luck.
  6. oh gosh, im going to MPLS airport, ATL airport, and Ft Lauderdale airport next week, hopefully ill score some. :biggrin:
  7. I thought I saw these on bluefly for the longest time.. I just checked and I don't see them anymore :sad:
  8. I have this pair with darker lenses:yes: Altough i never used them:shame: :shame:,i remember i couldn't see the GG logo when i tried them on... :P
  9. I loved those when I first saw them too. I saw them on some celeb a long time ago. I forgot who.
  10. Very cute! I think the pattern is a reflection on the outside of the lens that does not affect one's vision justdon like when you have pink mirrir glasses (but you don't see a pink hue)...
  11. Those are nice. Show us pictures if you ever find them!
  12. i haven't seen those glasses for a couple seasons
  13. cute sun.g's.. good luck they'll be hawt.
  14. I saw these at Sam's Club , but I know I read somewhere that there were some authenticity issues with Sams and Prada or Fendi , they did'nt mention Gucci though .

    I think they were 90 dollars .