gucci sunglasses - please help

  1. Hello
    I love a modell from the summer collection 2007. I can buy it by a seller for 159 euros in the internet. But I would like to put it on before I really buy it. But because it is from the last summer collection I can't find the sunglasses in stores.

    Has someone a idea what I can do? where I can find the sunglass?

    maybe experiences with these sunglasses??

  2. I used to have those. They look really nice on, I think they are really versatile on different face shapes. They have like a perfect amount of "bigness" too without being too big. It's hard to describe!
    They're really nice though!
  3. I had those too but sold them to my husband's neice for half price. But i bought the one with the gold buckle.

    I just remembered i had a pic of me wearing them. Here you go. hahaha it's half of my face, i was goofing off with my phone. It's been about a year and half ago.

    please don't laugh at me ladies :supacool: hahaha
  4. Oh i forgot to mention that, the reaon why i sold them was because they were too heavy.