Gucci sunglasses fall off your face?

  1. I prefer to buy Gucci sunglasses from eBay, and I just got my second pair-- these ones were more used and I don't know if the person just had a bigger structured head than me and adjusted them accordingly or what. I tried to gently bend them smaller but nothing really helped and I don't want to break them.
    It's not terrible, but I found another pair that I love and want to buy. Before I get them I wanted to know-- is that usual with the PLASTIC framed Gucci sunglasses? Are those usually really big? The ones I'm talking about felt big on the legs of the sunglasses, not so much the part that fits at the nose. Just thought I'd ask-- this may be a stupid question but I'm really curious!
  2. It depends on the style. You may have a small head, and if the glasses are huge....

    All shades dont fit all people, that is for sure.
  3. So they can really be big in a way that they can fall off? Not just in the style itself?
    It's this pair right here:

    But I bought them off of eBay so I wondered if they had tried bending them or something. I've never had sunglasses fall off my face even in trying on-- they all seem to have that very slight arch in the legs of the sunglasses as these ones do not.
    I'm curious if I should buy another pair and sell these ones or if it's pointless.
  4. Wow, since when do they sell shades on!!! :blink:

    That style are very very common (2752's I think). I cant imagine them falling off anyone's face, they're not oversized in the least. You must've bought a fake pair. :noworry:
  5. That's what I'm wondering! I took it to the Authenticate This thread and everything was fine except on the legs of the sunglasses, they don't say Gucci on them or anything else. The seller said oh they were my favorite, I wore them everywhere... and that it rubbed off. But who knows. It's engraved absolutely properly and everything though on the horsebit.
    I got them for pretty cheap, all together about $80-- they started low and I won the auction at that price and they have some tiny scratches I was willing to live with. I was wondering because I wanted to buy new from another seller. I don't know what I'd do with these ones because if they're fake... it's just not right, but even to admit, a listing would be removed.

    But yes I wore them today... and they almost fell right off my face a million times, and just forget about on top of the head... they can barely balance =\ I honestly have an average sized head, not big and not small. Just like anyone else haha.
  6. Just take them in to a eye glass place and they will adjust them to your face for free. So worth the trip!
  7. Both of my Gucci sunglasses are constantly falling off my face after I wear them a while, I always end up going back to where I bought them at least twice a year to get them adjusted.
  8. i love gucci sunglasses, they fit fine for me.
  9. ^^ they fit fine on me too.
  10. I hope people who sell them on eBay clean the sunglasses before selling them. :sweatdrop:
  11. I always clean mine before I put them near my face!

    I tried gently bending these, and it helped. I wonder why it is like this though-- now they fit at least better on my face, but if I place them on my head out of the way, they will fall if I look downward at all.

    So I don't know, I wonder if it's because the person who owned them stretched them and because they were worn? I wonder if I should just purchase a new pair, but at the same time I don't want to run into this problem and pay full price. I did get a great deal on these after all. I'm not sure what I will end up doing.
  12. def take them to a glasses place get them adjusted they can make them fit

    i have a pretty small head (hats are always over my eyes and stuff)
    and i have these ones which are almost the same idea
    and they fit fine,,,

    *****does it look like the word wore off?!?!! like can you see slightly where it could have been or is it like perfectly gone,,cause thats kinda weird,,,,****
  13. Yeah it's completely gone, without a trace. Everything else about them is on the mark though. I really don't know what to think of them. I bought the same style, although they were inspired-- from the Aldo shoe store. They both have the exact same frame except the horsebit is obviously much different, but with the same style-- as in the lenses being the same size, they fit perfectly. So I know they're not the same thing but still... kind of weird.

    But to bring them to a glasses place, anywhere? What do I say if I don't have anything from that place?

    Pictures of the sunglasses in question are here in the Authenticate This thread:
  14. on which page of the authenticate thread?

    i can compare them with my glasses frames,, see if anything stands out?
  15. That link should take you right to my post after it loads, it's on page 203 in the middle.