Gucci Sukey....question...

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  1. I'm venturing over from the LV forum as I am contemplating purchasing my first Gucci. I'm really loving the look of the Sukey but it doesn't look like it can be carried over the shoulder.
    Is this a strictly hand held bag or can it be a shoulder bag?

    Thanks ladies!!!
  2. Hi, there is a whole thread dedicated to the sukey, which is a great resource for pics and info. But to answer your question, I am assuming your looking at the sukey with the push button sides? It fits on my shoulder only if I am wearing one layer, but not if I need to wear a jacket, or coat.
  3. I just bought one today and it does fit over my shoulder, although I wouldn't wear it as a shoulder bag; if you need to you can put it on your shoulder. I really love the look of the bag and I especially love that I can see everything when I'm looking for it!
  4. Thanks for your responses ladies! The one I'm looking at is the Guccissima large sukey. It is difficult to discern by the pics shown.
    I just love the easy style of this bag!

    For those of you that have it, are there any 'cons'? Any issues with wear etc? Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure about the large size or the newer model, but mine does not have pockets for phone etc, only one large zippered pocket. My sukey boston only had a zip pocket also and it was so small I couldn't fit a full size wallet in it. Subsequently it has gone to a new home…

    I have also lost things out of it because it is an open bag, when I put it down I notice that my stuff can sometimes be quite close to the top and without noticing I have lost things I assume because they have fallen out. So I am more careful to look under it when I pick it up now...
  6. I do not have any problems with the large size fitting over my winter coats. It's a great bag. I've has not problems with wear - very durable. My sister has the medium size and that one she is unable to use as a shoulder bag in the winter months.
    Hope that helps.
  7. I have the large sukey gucissima leather in red, and I use it as my everyday bag. I love it. It holds up well, I don't have any problem carrying it over my shoulder (which is pretty much the only way that I carry it), or with things falling out. All the things you would normally carry in the bag (full wallet, phone, makeup bag, etc) easily fit in the bottom 1/3 of the bag. There is only one pocket, so it isn't easy to keep it organized, but that hasn't really been a problem for me. It also is large enough that I can carry a computer, work files and notebooks in it as necessary. I dont like to carry that much weight, so I don't do it unless I am actively trying to avoid carrying another bag, but its possible very easily. It also does not fully close, which I know bothers some people, because if you are worried about someone stealing your stuff, they could easily reach in if left unattended. Not really if it is under your arm.

    Hope that helps!