Gucci sukey OR Louis Vuitton Neverfull OR LV Delightful

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  1. I'm torn between gucci medium sukey and the two LVs. My birthday was last week and I couldn't make up my mind, so I still haven't purchased my gift :sad: I can't afford to spend over $1000, and these are the best options I have. I love the gucci tote, but I worry that the fabric (GG canvas) might not hold up over time. On the other hand, the Neverfull's design is timeless and its made of leather! However the terribly thin straps on the neverfull really bother me. I love big bags and tend to stuff them, and I'm concerned the neverfull's straps will give in very soon. I haven't heard/seen the Delightful much and am eager to know what you guys think about it too.
  2. LV Delightful
  3. I m not a Gucci fan but I like Sukey.
  4. The LV Neverfull and Delightful are both made of canvas, not leather. The only leather all of these three bags have is on the trimmings. I would choose the Sukey in Guccissima leather, but that may be slightly out of your budget.
  5. I'm normally an LV fan, but I looove the sukey. I have been eyeing it for the last month myself.
  6. yep, Sukey in leather!
  7. I agree. A little more in price, but totally worth it. Happy B day;)
  8. thanks so much guys :smile: Gucci Sukey it is then! I don't think I can adfford the Guccissima leather yet...but the fabric is good too.
  9. LV Delightful:smile:
  10. i love my lv neverfull!!
  11. Love my Sukey - I have the canvas...still a gorgeous bag!