Gucci strap phone

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  1. My SA say that Gucci don't produce strap it true? or maybe in Venice they don't never had strap phone...:huh:
  2. if you mean a strap for the phone thats wrong. i have one. ive had 3 overall and i have one now on my phone
  3. I've got one too.I found mine in Thailand. I also found them in London as well.
  4. they still have it from what i know
    i have the shorter one and a longer one
    they release new colours every season
    it's very nice.
    maybe it's just sold out
  5. I have two and I bought my mum one. I have the pink one with the bamboo, and the older black leather with the silver GG's. My Mums is the classic green and red one.
  6. Ohh, thanks! I would like to call Venice store to -->:rant::rant::rant:
  7. How much did you paid for it? can you post pics plz? :smile:
  8. here's mine.. i bought it in Gucci boutique in Greenbelt mall, Manila, Philippines. 2 or 3 years ago, i also bought the same gucci red/green lanyard at Gucci San Francisco airport. My sister has a green/cream color she also bought hers here in Manila.
  9. I have 1 too, bought mine from Singapore. Mine is red in colour with a movable Gold Gucci logo. There was a 50% discount on it, cost $70.
  10. i have a pink & gold one
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