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  1. Is there a gucci Store in Hawaii-oahu?
  2. There wasn't one on the Gucci site for Oahu..Check here for the store locations

  3. Yes, there's one on Wakiki on the main drag in front of the beach, next to the Chanel store.
  4. Is there one on Maui??? Oh pleaaaase say yes...
  5. yes there a GUcci on MAui @ the Shops of Waliea!!:yahoo:
  6. We'll be just a short ride to Wailea in October - hmmm, time to start figuring out a strategy for sneaking off in the rental car for a few hours while hubby and son play on the beach... :wlae:
  7. I will be in oahu in the winter, I better start saving $$for my gucci purchase and whatever else catches my eye. I don't have any designer boutiques where I live. I have to order on line. I can't wait to actually go into the stores. I know I'm missing the whole buying experience. Can't wait!!! Thanks.
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