Gucci Store Sydney Australia

  1. Does anyone know when the Australian GUCCI Sydney store is having there sale???? I here that most of the sales happen late in November...
  2. You're right. Late November. I replied to one of your posts in the Authenticate this thread. I don't shop at Gucci that much as I don't really like the service there. It's not bad and not all the SA's are snooty but I get much better service elsewhere.

    You can try calling and asking but if you're like me and don't shop there often, don't be surprised if you don't get an answer or a slightly rude response. If you have a regular SA ask him/her. Else just keep calling every day. They won't know who you are, and you'll probably not talk to the same person all the time. They will eventually tell you when the sale opens to the public and you can rush in a snag a bargain.
  3. I was told december 6 by a very snooty sales person (I had a big winge about her in the November Sales thread).... but I bet it will start in the next day or two....:heart:
  4. Has the sale started?
  5. Ughhhhh!!! i hate rude/snooty/stuck-up/judgemental/non-smiling/attitude having SA!!! Sorry off topic, but i hate that feeling when someone thinks they are better than you and trys to be intimindating, and talks to you as if you don't matter. ughhhhh :rant:
  6. ME TOO - and I pointed out to this SA i was an ongoing customer and she still was rude.
  7. I GOT THE DATES!!!!! yyyiiipppeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Gucci is having a function for invited guests only on either Wednesday or Thursday next week 5th or 6th - this is a FUNCTION for 400 people per store and is strictly invitation only.

    VIP days are from Monday 8 December to Wednesday 10

    AND the OFFICIAL SALE begins on Thursday 11 December

    ..... and you will never guess who told me. That snooty sales person. She recognised who I was right away and was SO SO SO helpful (must have been spoken to about the complaint I made). Sweet as pie I could not have had better service. WOOHOO!! So there are the Australian dates... FINALLY!!
  8. awww im so happy for you guys over there!! BTW, i've been watching MTV's real world and it makes me think of ya over there in Austalia.. hehe
  9. Thanks... we are in the middle of freakin no where....!!!
  10. i went to the melbourne store yesterday and they already had a lot of items on sale so maybe the sale in sydney has also started
  11. sale starts same date Aus woide - it's day 4 of the sale now so you have to be quick!!
  12. Well these jokers have not changed. I am not a regular Gucci customer (in Australia at least), but that does not forgive the rude treatment I received today at the Perth store. My advise to would be customers is to walk a few paces to LV or Prada where you are treated much much better. And that is exactly what happened today. I bought a purse from LV and a wallet at Prada, starting the day with the intention of buying a tote from Gucci, Ah well, I am not purchasing any product from a rude SA - sorry, however much I covet something, I much rather call or order online than to give these silly SA's their commission if they treat me badly. I am a paying customer goodammit..**ok end of rant**:smile:
  13. Same here. I went to Gucci Sydney a couple of weeks ago and bought a Mayfair Top Handles. I wish that was a dream and it never ever happened.
  14. Hey, sorry to bump this thread just wondering if anyone knows when the Gucci sales are this year... since it is around this time it is usually held
  15. I went to Gucci Perth yesterday and as usual the SA was so rude and unfriendly... She said Gucci Australia is still not sure whether they are going to have sale or not ..

    Seriously I have been to Gucci Perth several times since 2009 but their service is not improving at all .. The service is so unprofessional and rude .. Pity the management team still can't see this yet ..