gucci store sale..hmmmm

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  1. so ive read on here that there is a sale slash presale going on at gucci. is it invite only or can anyone go in?
  2. I think any one could go.
  3. Anyone can go. The pre-sales are over, as the actual sale has already started. It has been going on since Tuesday. Many styles are already gone, so you should call soon if you want something.
  4. Chile you are way late, the presale came and went about 2 weeks ago. The real sale started June 6th or 8th, cant recall exactly.
  5. yes, totally go...but i DOUBT there is anything left
  6. Does anyone know if the actual gucci stores have the floral wave hobo on sale or is it just NM and Saks? TIA!
  7. I think I saw one in Gucci boutique, Michigan. You can look up their number and call ask..

  8. i have ordered four shoes last week but i got email today saying everything has been sold out!
  9. Still some public sale stuff left here...honestly the pre-sale wasn't as good as I thought it would be this year. I hope they have more next time!
  10. PLEASE look at the GUCCI sale the top of the forum
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