Gucci Stardust?

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know the price of the new version of the Gucci Icon ring I think it is called Stardust. There are 3 different settings one with white diamonds, one with brown diamonds and one with pink sapphires.

    I am interested in the thinest band in the Rose pink gold set with pink sapphires, does anyone know how much it costs?
  2. I do know that the white gold with diamonds in the thin size is $1,800 cuz I want it. The one you want with the pink is less money. Go to their website it might be there, the diamond one is. Or just call Gucci in Beverly Hills was just there and they have it. But check the web, it is less tat $1,800 for sure.
  3. I have not seen this!!! Is it on the website? Please post a pic!!