Gucci(ssima) Boston Bag

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  1. I've been lusting after the Boston bag from the Spring Collection, but I'm a little confused.

    I saw this on Gucci, Neiman Marcus and Saks Online:


    And then I saw this on


    Was the bag ever made in the Guccissima leather? If so, it would be on the Gucci website, wouldn't it :huh:? But it's not :weird:. I read on the forum that sells authentic stuff. If that's true, why is the one on so much more expensive :Push: than the one on

    And so let's just say the one on is authentic, which one do I get? The patent leather, or Guccissima?
    gucci2.jpg gucci.jpg
  2. I've heard that is completely authentic but ups their prices. I heart the guccissima!
  3. well that's a BIG up :wtf:!

    the difference is almost $400 :cry:
  4. so should i get the patent leather or guccissima?
  5. i like guccissima better. the patent leather is too.... shiny
  6. I luurrrrve :heart: guccisima leather so i say, go for guccisima. If you have doubt in buying the gucci bag from styledrop, then go for the patent leather from Would it help to clear your doubt if you call gucci and check if indeed they have the boston bag in guccisima leather. :shrugs:

    Patent is nice too.. but I dun like it when they start showing "cracks". Its really horrible! :crybaby:
  7. i thought of that too :yes:. but then i saw the bag on, and i know for sure THAT website sells authentic stuff, so i may get it there :biggrin:!
  8. really? i fotgot where i read it but some people have had probs with efashionhouse and styledrops but im not sure... hmm.. ill try to search it.. if i were you though call gucci with the style no. of the guccissima bag :smile:
  9. Guccissima! Maybe this was one of the bags that was phased out in the sale, so that's why Gucci doesn't have it on their website anymore?
  10. Hey yeuxhonnetes,

    I favor the patent boston bag over the guccissima bag. I liked the sleek look of patent and you can wear it right through winter with a pair of snazzy patent boots. What sizes are the bags? I know I am leaning towards the big one as opposed to the medium one. I find the Guccissima bag to be a little too buzy with the gold hardware.
  11. i'm afraid of getting scratches on the patent leather bag, and because i use practically every bag i own for school, i don't want it to look too flashy either :wondering:

    i don't like the medium one because it's about the size of my LV Damier Papillon 30, and i think it looks really weird :weird:.

    the size of this one is about 14"H x 7.75" :yes:
  12. I love the Guccisima one!
  13. I agree! The Guccissima is so cute =)
  14. The Guccissima leather is a more expensive material, therefore proberly the higher price.

    Maybe Gucci have it on their website, but not as a picture but as a description under the pther bag? I have seen that they list different material for a bag under the one showed. E.g. one bag can be available both in canvas, patented leather and Guccissima leather.
  15. the guccissima bag is so cute:yes: