Gucci SS 06

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  1. the new collection is up at their website
    what do you guys think of it?
    to be honest i'm kinda disappointed. there's not a single bag i simply have to have, there used to always be at least 3 or 4.
    the shoes are better, but the really fabulous ones have at least 3.5 inch heels, way too high for me.

    any opinions?
  2. I like a few bags but for the most part, I don't particularly care for them all but that's just IMO. There's a small hobo w/ green trim that I might look at when I go to Gucci in a few weeks on the hunt for a new one. Other than that, they're pretty to look at but I wouldn't want any of the smaller evening bags.
  3. Just looked at these, I like the collection by and large. I love, love the large horsebit hobo colors, the blue is to die for and red, gorgeous!
  4. Here's the one I've been eyeing. What can I say? I have a thing for hobos (purses, not the homeless people). ;)

  5. Yes!! I agree 100%. I haven't recieved my hobo yet. I ordered it in the black GG fabric. If I absolutely love it, I'll definitely get it in the red leather.
  6. I'm waiting for mine too Dee Dee, in the tan leather though, I can't wait, but of course if I really love it, I'll want another, love the blue/beige fabric too, could be an expensive habit huh :lol:
  7. Ah yes, I remember seeing another post from you. So did you order the large in tan? or medium?

    The blue/beige is pretty too, looks like it will work well with jeans. However, I don't like the ones that have the red leather trimming. I don't think the horsebit hobos have it though, just some of the totes and some other one (I'm gonna check). Just the plain bleu/beige seems more practical for some reason.
  8. ^^^The large, I love an unnecessarily large bag :nuts:
  9. gucci is another company who has finished its life.
    bags and shoes are always the same, the quality is not worth the price and even the clothes are getting worst. when tom ford went away, gucci died.
  10. So you like the collection huh :nuts: ;)
  11. Outside of the horsebit hobo...I have not liked any of the gucci styles for awhile now...I'm very disappointed in the new line!:sad2: