Gucci Spring/Summer Collection Question

  1. Does anyone have any idea when the Spring/Summer Collection will be out? I usually like the color combinations in this line better than the others. TIA! :tup:
  2. I hope soon cause I want some sandals!
  3. I've been looking on the website frequently lately. I'm hoping it's soon because I want to buy another purse & I don't really see anything in the Fall/Winter collection that I just had to have. :push:
  4. I think It will be the end of january/begin february.

    I hoooope very soooon :nuts:
  5. ^Thanks for the info! I'll definitely be on the look out.
  6. I was just on the Gucci website a minute ago and it looks like some spring/summer items have been added. I think the hysteria shoulder bag is really cute.
  7. mmmm not really convinced.
    and why are the shoes I like always soooo high?
  8. ^^hmmm it doesn't say does it. When i clicked the one with the yellow trim and maximized it, it shows a little gap at the top left portion. It might just be an open top :shrugs:. And you're right about the white part, im scurrrred too.. :push: lolz
  9. I fell in love with the joy medium tote too!! Love the color combination. The bag is a must have on my list. Can't wait until it's out!!! ;)
  10. Damn, I need a Gucci duffel real bad..............and some sandals.
  11. Not loving anything yet!!
  12. .......we all need new gucci sandals!!

    When is the collection in boutiques??? End of Jan you say???
    Can anyone confirm?
  13. I don't see anything I particularly like, not even the shoes... Maybe I need some time, then I'll fall in love. I like the cruise collection better, which I can see has been put into the spring summer category on the US site. They decided to make the shoes really high this season, some of them are 4.5 inches!

    Gucci lover and Kimosa, GG plus should be really easy to clean actually, it's a coated canvas material very similar to LV's monogram canvas.