Gucci soho leather

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  1. Hello everybody!

    I noticed that gucci has added some new bags to their website. ie. the soho leather disco bag and the soho leather tote (the one I posted). The soho leather tote is listed as $1150. When I saw this bag my first reaction was, "why is this bag so cheap!?" Obviously, $1150 is not "cheap" in the normal sense but seems to be very "cheap" for a leather gucci bag. From my experience, the canvas bags are typically around this price while the leather bags are $600+ more than this.

    Does anybody have any guess as to why this could be?
  2. Also, I just wanted to add that I am not putting this bag down in any way. I am only asking because I love the look of it! :smile:
  3. This is a very new bag, it's just gone up on-line.

    Only some of the price-point's are set on material cost + labour. Look at many of Guccis and compare models that are GG canvas with plain leather, usually there's not much difference. Gucci are wise to the fact that whilst Gucci is first and foremost a leather-goods specialist there are many more people who would rather have the mono-print version. I think the Guccissima leather was developed to combine the two.

    I am only guessing but sometimes Gucci 'tests' a product's popularity at a slightly cheaper rate and then puts it up if people 'bite'. I don't know this for sure but I've seen it happen 100 X with Gucci.

    I thought the little Emilys that came out last year were at a very reasonable price-point too, especially since they were leather-lined and pretty hardware (also with chain straps). A season later the Emily became a whole line of bags in many variations at Gucci's more normal corresponding price-points.

    Gucci also look at similar bags from their main competitors (say Chanel's PST with this version of the Soho) and then price it at a more attractive rate to make the choice that little bit 'easier' ;).

    When I first saw the Secret Flap in 'pony', vintage quality hardware and lots of crocodile (not just trimmed but featuring it) I thought Gucci had made a mistake with the price, it was expensive of course but usually anything with a little croc trim is just priced out of reach in cloud-cuckoo land where Gucci just pluck a high number out the sky and double it. I couldn't believe I could actually just go out and buy that bag, but I did and it's still one of my favourite precious bags. If you like the bag and you think its cheap (relatively speaking of course) it might be a sign that you can't believe that GORGEOUS bag could be yours ;).
  4. AHH. I hope it doesnt go up. I wont be buying this bag for a few months!! :smile:

    Thank you for all of your information! Very helpful!
  5. That is such a reasonable price point for a Gucci leather bag! Definitely more affordable compared to other styles. SO LUSTWORTHY!
  6. There is a post of someone modeling it...I think it looks great and not cheap at all...
  7. Can you link that post? I want to see the modeling pic, thanks!

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    That is exactly why I thought the tote was priced low! The soho bag in the reveal retails for somewhere around 1700$ I believe whereas the new soho tote is much cheaper. Gucci prices confuse te heck out of me!!!

    Ps. The bag in the reveal is also gorgeous!!!
  9. I actually really want a similar version of that bag in the soho leather but they don't have it yet in Australia. We're always a few months delayed..
    This is the bag..

    I've felt the soho leather wallets. I honestly don't like it. The feel of it is rather cheap. Looks good from far away, different story when you have it in your hands.

    Loving the styles of the entire soho range though.. Elegant and doesn't scream out "DESIGNER" too much.
  10. I just bought this bag and I absolutely love it! It's definitely worth the price. I only wish it had feet on the bottom of the bag for protection, but other than that, I have no complaints. The leather feels wonderful and it's a great size. I'm thinking about ordering another one in a different color! I'm really pleased with it. :smile:
  11. Can you please post pictures? Would love to see it.

  12. I second that! I would love to see!!

    Unfortunately, I am on a ban for awhile. Hopefully they don't increase the price before I can buy it!:smile:
  13. I'll get my camera charged and get some pictures taken! I carried it for the first time today and it is SO comfortable. I also like the way you can wear it with a double chain, or a single long chain. The leather reminds me of the leather on the pebbly Pradas. I bought the sable color. It was so hard for me to chose because pink is my favorite color, but I was trying to stay with classic colors.
    (and I love the fact that it's made in Italy) :smile:
  14. It's not cheap at all. Reasonably priced for Gucci standards? Yes! I have a feeling it might be Gucci's way of attracting new buyers. Once they buy that bag and appreciate it, they will then hopefully become a customer. Gucci leather bags are very underrated on this forum. They stand the test of time!