Gucci soho leather chain shoulder bag- comfortable straps/future color

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  1. I love the soho leather chain shoulder bag. I just wish I knew if it would come in a more saddle color that some other Gucci bags come in. Any way to find out? My YSL muse came out with the color I want a month or two after I bought it, it was devastating.

    Most importantly for the Gucci bag wearers, are the double chain straps comfortable for everyday, even with sleeveless shirts and the weight it tr items? I don't want it to dig into my shoulders. I see the bigger bags have a piece of leather on the strap but not this one.

    Thanks! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392794148.291586.jpg
  2. Ask if Gucci have made it in their 'Cuir' colour (it mens leather in French, but Gucci seem to use it to mean natural tan)

    I have a problem with chain bags too, I'd consider this but no bigger. It's 28cm wide so a med bag, I guess it depends what you put into it. Chanel have much larger bags with just chains which people seem to love :shrugs:.