Gucci Soho in Turquoise/Teal

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  1. awhile back I could have SWORN i saw the Gucci Soho available in a turquoise/teal colour. When i went to the Gucci store in Boston I had asked if they had it in that colour, the SA wasn't very helpful and just said "No" and walked away. I've been trying to find one online and I cant seem to even find ONE. Not even on Ebay.

    Does anyone know what i am talking about? LOL
  2. Yes, there was a Bright Turquoise Soho, as part of the Bright range, along with a Bright Pink and a Bright Bougainvillea. I addition, there might have been a Teal too

    Rude SA, don't worry, keep looking. I hope you get one
  3. Here's a pic of the Bright Turquoise Soho Disco

    The colour code for this colour is 4616 and will come at the end of the style

    4715 is the code for Teal

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  4. I want that.:drool:
  5. I think it would look FAB on you GD

    Another beautiful tPFer bought it last year while I was with her, she looked absolutely stunning with it.

    I would be great for brunettes, bright blondes and redheads alike :graucho:
  6. Thank you ladies SO MUCH! I knew I could count on you guys

  7. I LOVE that color! I am looking at that color in the tote bag to buy on my bday!

    Is it a seasonal color, or will it be around until Summer??
  8. Pretty
  9. Good luck!

    It was a seasonal colour but they are still around. Check and your nearest store. If you store doesn't have one they can order one in (hence why you need the seasonal colour codes) but you will have to hurry as they were from last year
  10. love that color