Gucci soho disco zipper

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  1. I recently purchased a soho disco and I'm finding the zipper to be really stiff. Anyone else have this problem? Does it soften over time ? Wondering if I should go exchange it as it may be a defect ....
  2. I have 2. Never had problem.
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  3. Never had a problem either.

    Maybe Gucci can make it work more smoothly anyway without you having to exchange.
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  4. I’ve got a rose beige that I’ve had for a couple of years and the zip on that’s fine, but I brought the green last year and the zip is still really stiff, I even sent it back to Matches to have it checked but I was told it was ok.
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  5. i rubbed some Vaseline (very small amount) and zipped it back and forth like crazy a couple times to loosen it up. it worked for me!
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  6. I went to the Gucci store. They said it should soften over time. I have been using it for the past week, it's gotten a little better... still not as soft as I'd like it to be. I guess I'm used to Vuitton zippers ... those are as smooth as butter
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  7. Try rubbing paraffin wax along the zipper. Should be fine after this.
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  9. I sold mine very quickly after purchase because of the zipper. I found it very difficult and a struggle to open. Not as smooth as I would have hoped.
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  10. me too
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    Can anyone please post a picture of the top of zipper? Should there be a capital I on it?
    It will be much appreciated if someone can post pictures of leather tag and interior tag.
    I am buying one on ebay and want to make sure what an authentic one looks like.

  12. Please don't post random questions and stay on topic of the thread. Post pics of the bag as requested o the authenticate this Gucci thread if need be,
  13. I just bought my soho disco right before Christmas. The zipper was very stiff when I first got it and it has since softened and is much smoother. My boyfriend’s mom was a big Gucci fan back in the day and he told me his mom always used to complain about the zippers not being very smooth.
  14. Try running wax paper along the zipper; makes a world of difference.
  15. I've been using my bag for about 3 weeks now. At first the zipper was super stiff and I contemplated on taking it back. After using the bag everyday for about three weeks the zipper is smooth. I would suggest you give it some time. With everyday usage the zipper should start to become smooth.