Gucci Soho Disco - Suede

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've noticed a couple of people wearing the Soho Disco in suede variations. Does anyone know which season this was from? And whether it's a recurring theme for Gucci?

    I was also wondering whether anyone on here has one, and can let me know whether to hold out for this version, or go for the leather style?

    Thanks so much!

    Also, just because I love the Soho disco so much, feel free to post all photo's of yours. I'm still trying to decide on which colour I want *I want them all* and i'd love to see them styled.
  2. #2 Apr 25, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016

    They are nubuck (rather than suede) and they were from pre-fall and AW '14.

    As far as I remember there was a rusty orange (which I have) a soft taupe brown, turquoise and a very pale blue. There could have been others.

    No nubucks new ATM from Gucci but I see them on-line from concessions pre-loved, quite a few mint condition.

    Gucci will clean nubuck (as far as I know that hasn't changed under AM)

    Check out our very busy club thread, plenty of pics on there
  3. Thank you!! Much appreciated. I have been looking, but I haven't spotted many online. I shall hold out, I just adore the rust coloured one.
  4. I reckon there may be some left at the outlets

    Measurements are

    Depth 8cm
    Height 15cm
    Max. Strap Length 132cm
    Min. Strap Length 122cm
    Width 20cm

    Until you find one (which I'm sure you will) here's Selena G showing how well it goes with smart and black and from her and from Fashion Guitar how fantastic it looks dressed down with denim

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