Gucci Soho Disco Bag

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  1. Help :smile:

    I have decided that my new bag this year will be the Disco bag. I think it is really cute and great for going out. The bag is a lot of money for such a small bag. I want to make sure I get a lot of use out of it. I am looking at the Fuchsia Pink and the Red. I love love the Pink, but worried I will never use it. Please share your thoughts on color, I am not going with black because I have to many black bags. Thank you in advance!
  2. I'd go with your first instinct and choose what you love. I guess it also depends on your wardrobe (I usually wear all black so a pop of colour would be really pretty!). If you love the pink, I'm sure you'll find a way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Good luck!
  3. You said the bag will be great for going out--but what about with jeans and a t shirt? If you start thinking about your whole wardrobe, which color could work almost every day? This bag is limitless! The red is the most beautiful red--do you wear cream, black, etc which will set off the red? Or do you wear some pastels in the summer, and the red might clash? Is the pink too bright for you? If you have blacks, but are building your handbag wardrobe, you can go with either color, and fill a niche. I have a blush pink patent Disco from a few years back, and seem to only wear it at night, and only in the summer, but now I am wondering why I don't wear it with jeans and a T? We all tend to evolve, so if you love the pink, it may be your time to actually make it work. That being said, the red is one of the prettiest reds I have seen. Oh, I have already said that! Can't say it enough.
    Good luck on your "fun" dilemma.
  4. Have you looked at the metallic one? It's really pretty and relatively "neutral". I have a black one but would be happy with almost any of the other colours!
  5. just fyi, a recommended consignment store in tfp ( fashionphile) gets these bags in all the time. they have a brand new red/tomato listed today for 750. so, if you're willing to go pre-loved you can get a nice savings on a virtually new bag; i see them listed often, never for more than 795. personally, i'd pick red... with high-end bags you don't want to stress about color transfer and a pink is more prone to it than a red or darker shades.
  6. The red is a truly beautiful red that will always be classic. I love pink too but I think red will be more versatile
  7. Both colours are great, however everyone needs a red bag! If you don't already have red, go for that. If you do, switch it up and go for pink :smile:.
  8. I tried on the PINK bag in the store the other day with an ivory top and blue jeans. It looked gorgeous! I really think you can't go wrong with either color
  9. I am a lover of pink, but if you feel you won't wear pink, then red is a gorgeous choice. The Gucci red is perfection! I personally have a Disco in metallic pewter and I love it because it's very versatile because the color can be worn with everything and it can be dressed up and down. I will say, the Disco is such an amazing bag! You won't believe how useful and versatile it is once you start to carry it. Good luck with your decision :smile:
  10. The Fuchsia Pink is so gorgeous in person and so striking!
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  11. I just bought the red and Its the perfect red! Timeless and goes with so much! If you think you may want the pink wait until may/june it may go on sale
  12. Both are great choices but in my personal opinion, I think Gucci makes THE BEST RED!
  13. Pink is my signature color. So I say pink! But get what color speaks to you.
  14. I am also going to treat myself for my birthday to the Gucci soho disco, but I also can't decide between the red or the orange, I have no red clothes or accessories. But do have a couple of orange sweaters. I think the red is so vibrant and will add a pop of colour but I love orange. Sadly I can't have both. I agree with the previous posts the metallic is really nice, I used to have a metallic jimmy choo and I wore it with everything. Red or orange any opinions greatly appreciated I'm so unsure which to go for?
  15. imho red is a better choice overall, for ease of matching, for resale value, for any higher-end events you want to take it to, and red will have fewer issues with dirt and color transfer. orange is nice, but its uses could be more limited unless that is truly a staple color in your life and wardrobe.