Gucci Snow

  1. Considering purchasing the Gucci Snow Glam in white--fantastic price of $719, does anyone have this bag, feedback??
    gucci snow glam II.jpg
  2. I don't have this bag but I've looked at it a couple of times in the boutique. It's huge in my opinion. And I really don't like the material. Also the plastic GG on the front really bugs me. That's just my personal opinion, I am sure there are many lovers of this bag.
  3. I've sen this bag IRl and the above poster is's pretty big. I'm not a super big fan of white bags but this one is nice.

  4. It def is HUGE... im not crazy about it either. although i've seen some people carry it and it is pretty eye catching.
  5. You know I didn't think much of this line either but I tried on the smaller square bag and it looked ALOT cuter on my arm than just on the shelf. I would say, try it if it's returnable.
  6. they're right it is HUGE....but i think mssmelanie is right. I saw a modeling pic here a few months ago of the red, black,and white one and it was definitely eye catching. Plus the price is not bad either. :graucho: Dang, i'm such an enabler!!
  7. If it really is as huge as the posters make it seem, then use it as a weekend travel bag! Model it around the house and see how you like it on yourself