Gucci small hobo

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  1. This is a nice Gucci bag for $820, don't you think? I just bought a Gucci bag for summer so I'm only looking, but I thought I'd show it to you guys in case you're looking for a nice designer back in this price range.

  2. Oh Kat, you're like a mind reader ! I've been salivating over this very bag for the longest time, I really love the bamboo handle especially !
  3. Ayla, it's a beauty!!! Not a bad price either for a Gucci.:P
  4. i'm not a big fan of gucci but this bag is totally cute for summer! :smile:
  5. Love it! It looks like a great summer bag.
  6. that is pretty cute, does the bamboo hurt when you carry it on ur shoulder? is the handle practical for that?
  7. Very true.. stop tempting me ! :amuse:
  8. I came across this consignment website the other day and they have a couple of gucci backpacks for sale. I'm not a backpack person, but the younger crowd on here might be interested.

    What do you think? Here's a pic and the web link.

  9. That Gucci bag is a beauty. Perfect for summer.

  10. I have a Gucci with bamboo handles but mine is handheld. I don't mind it very much. It doesn't seem to bother me and it seems pretty sturdy.
  11. I thought about getting a Gucci bamboo bag a few years ago (I think it was kind of hobo-sized), but when I tried it, the bamboo hurt my shoulder. I have bony shoulders. I think as a tote, it would work really well. Beautiful bag!
  12. I think bamboo handles are good if holding them, very unique.But I don't like to wear them over my shoulder. Sort of thinking it might slip very easily :P
  13. I liked the idea of the bamboo. I bought this one.