gucci slides in fushia on sale..

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  1. it says in the description fuschia, but it looks red. Did anyone buy these slides with at the sale.What is the try color? It is with the horse bit in front and GG logo with red trim.
  2. I saw these at the store and it is a fuschia color, hot pink. Not red. Hope that helps!
  3. it's the same pink as the fuschia bags that are on sale
  4. I bought a similar style at the store a couple months ago in fuschia patent leather with pale gold horsebit. I also saw the ones on the site in Vegas in April. They are fuschia fabric with the classic Gucci web stripe. The center stripe is a lighter shade of pink and the outer stripes are the regular fuschia color. There is a light gold horsebit. I ordered these last night and was surprised to see size 11 available on sale! Not sure if I want to keep both the fuschia patent and the fuschia fabric though...we'll see.
  5. Do yall have a link, are these the clogs??! They sound cute if they're not the flats.
  6. [​IMG]It is on under sale shoes. Hope the picture id not too large / if so sorry