Gucci Skull Ring

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  1. I am thinking of treating myself to this ring. I've been trying to research Gucci fine jewelry but can' find anything. I want something unique. Is it worth it??? I don't know much about jewelry. I am not a big accessory wearer but it just calls to me.

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  2. Is it pricey? I don't know anything about this piece.
    I love skulls, but I don't like dangle jewelry, it's a cool piece though.
  3. $3200 us
  4. Personally I wouldn't buy it for that price, unless you love it and will wear it often. At that price range, I would be looking at diamonds! :P
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  5. I think it's really nice and I love skulls, however if I had £2419/$3200 to spend I would maybe buy something non-brand and get more for my buck :smile:
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  6. Here's one thread that springs to mind:

    I have quite a few fine pieces from Tom Ford, Frida and Alessandro Michele era, and they are all amazing quality, on par with internationally renowned jewellers' pieces I have (or had). I'm actually wearing my new ring today. Compared to the big names and other leather wear/fashion houses fine jewellery ranges Gucci's prices I think they are pretty good but you have to love the piece, just like you have to love any handbag at these prices. Gucci gold and silver jewellery is all made in Florence (where Gucci's leather factories are too) historically the city is famous for both crafts. I don't sell but I know this is often interesting to others so I'm happy to say Gucci fine jewellery often seems to appreciate in value
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    I love skull jewelry. Though this jewelry looks nice but the price seems high for me. (Edited)