Gucci size

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  1. Hey everyone

    If i am a US size 4-6, what Gucci size should be suitable for me?
    a medium or a small?

    please help. thanks
  2. So many people have asked this question regarding bag size to body size....I for one do not think it matters!!! UNLESS you are 350 lbs carrying a pouchette (for example) Get what you LOVE!!! (look at Jessica Simpson...a 4/6 and the BIG or small bags she carries!)
  3. I am talking about blouse.. not bag.
  4. anybody?? anyone own a gucci clothing? i dont know if i should get a small or a medium blouse.. :sad:
  5. i should hope that you would be a small! but who knows with high fashion.
  6. hahaha! that thread just made me laugh...blouse and bag.... maybe a med, to be safe, depends on the style,too...
  7. way funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd say med as well:biggrin: