Gucci Silver Mirror - pics

  1. Sorry it took so long to post but here they are =)
    Bag is grt and I couldn't be happier, the pics really dont do it justice, ill try to get a modeling shot tomorrow so you can see how it looks "on"

  2. Can't see pics, you'll have to "Go Advance", and go "Manage Attachments" and upload the pics to the TPF server!
  3. opps, pics didnt come out. ill try to repost
  4. Okeydoke, here you go =)
    bag 1.JPG bag 2.JPG bag 3.JPG
  5. very pretty
  6. Does it really have a mirror effect, or is it just the name? It's hard to tell from the pictures...
  7. Very chic and striking.Almost futuristic.Enjoy!
  8. Very pretty.... I want one now! Such a great going out bag
  9. Its lovely - i just got mine today as well. Would love to see your modelling pics. Congrats!
  10. Cute! Very futuristic!
  11. Very classy...congrats ;)
  12. very cute. congrats.
  13. nice !!
  14. very pretty, congrats!!
  15. very nice!