Gucci Silver Jewellery for men

  1. Anyone got any Gucci Silver Jewellery for men, i'm looking at the Gucci website but can't decide what's for men and what's for women, I suppose a lot of it could be unisex...

    What do you think of these for a guy (xmas gift for my BF, just hope he's not being nosey and reading what I post on here:p)?

    Any other suggestions welcome. Did think about posting in the Jewellery forum but it's a bit rich in there for me for the most part!
  2. What, noone on here has an opinion? Shocking :nuts:
  3. hi, I think that both is too girl like, ore what you call it in English:graucho:
  4. Thanks for looking, think you're right they are still a bit girly. Wasn't very sure on the cord one myself.

    I was drawn to the fin one but I thought it might be a bit too different, let's just say my BF is the wrong side of 30, but he likes to think he's yound and trendy:graucho:

    He wears a lot of Armani & Dior Homme necklaces and I thought it would be nice to introduce him to Gucci, but maybe it's not to be...
  5. I do like the dog tags, but am sure he's got similar Armani ones, don't know what i'm going to get him....