Gucci Signoria Large Hobo $517.90 @

  1. gone
  2. Damn! I wanted that, too! Sigh.......
    Been stalking it on NM. Have to watch for it again at Saks now.

    Thanks for posting, Asha!
  3. It's available but can't choose color and size for some reasons.
  4. That's the one I have... I paid 865 for mine... I woulda really gotten that one and taken the other one back...I'm still in the timeline... to NM
  5. Thanks for posting. I called Saks and they said that they've sold out...:cursing: I guess we just have to keep watching...
  6. OMG I can't believe I missed this! I am IN love with that bag! In red too, it would have been perfect. I'm so sad. :crybaby:

  7. OMG! Are the prices the same online and in stores?
  8. I'm so mad I missed this! I called again and yes they are sold out.. =( so sad!
  9. oh wow, thats a steal!!
  10. that was a good deal!
  11. its back now..
  12. I've been watching some on eBay. They have been selling for so cheap. Under $500. It looks like a great bag. Do you think there is a reason why they aren't selling well?

    I know some are probably fake but a few look auth.
  13. I just talked to He checked and no stores have them.:tdown:
  14. Y'all got me all excited when I saw this thread on top!!! :sad: