Gucci Sightings

  1. I hardly ever see authentic gucci's in real life. When and where have you seen gucci?

    When: Feb.1
    Where: Airport in Pensacola, Florida
    style: Black leather d ring hobo (not sure the name of the style)
  2. the last one I saw was a couple weeks ago. It was from 2002 or 2003ish. A tan leather tophandle bag and it had a wide stripe of brown gg jacquard fabric going down the center.
  3. I saw one today... one of my coworkers walked in with a brown monogram hobo very cute! After that another co worker walked in with a fake :cursing:
  4. my coworker has a fake brown gg canvas chain horsebit hobo. :wtf: its a really bad fake too.
  5. Where I live, I don't see a whole lot of real or fake guccis. I guess that's a good thing so mine don't get mistaken for fakes!!!!!
  6. the last one i saw was my friend's. her bf got it for her..lucky duck